Current European Projects


1. 2008-2011: My-e-Director 2010 Real-Time Context-Aware and Personalized Media Streaming Environments for Large Scale Broadcasting Applications, STREP FP7


2. 2010-2013: SARACEN: Socially Aware Collaborative Scalable Media Distribution, STREP FP7


3. 2009-2011: ISISEMD: Intelligent System for independent living and self-care of seniors with cognitive problems or mild dementia, PSP project


Past European Projects

4. 2004-2007: POLYMNIA: "Personalized Leisure and Entertainment Over Cross Media Intelligent Platforms" STREP FP6


5. 2004-2009: FIDIS: "Future of Identity in Information Society" NoE FP6


6. 2003-2005 DELOS: "Network of Excellence (NOE): Digital Libraries» NoE FP6


7. 2001-2004: OLYMPIC: "Olympics Multimedia Personalised for the Internet Community" FP5 Project


8.  2002-2004  GRIA: Grid Resources for Industrial Applications" FP5 Project 


9.  2002-2004 GRIDLAB: A Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed" FP5 Project  


10. 2000-2003 FAETHON : "Unified Intelligent Access to Heterogeneous Audiovisual Content"  FP5 Project


11. 1997-1999 MODULATES:  “MODULATES: Multimedia Organisation for Developing the Understanding and Learning of Advanced Technology Inpean Schools” FP4 Project


Past Greek Projects

12. 2006-2008 SEMVEILANCE: "Automatic Extraction of Humans' Behaviors and Event-based Video Summarization and Retrieval" Greek Secretary Research and Technology 


13. 2005-2009 PENED: "Visual Suprevision of Humans in Production Lines and Semantic Extraction"   Greek Secretary Research and Technology 


14. 2006-2008 PIDALION: "Multimedia Search Engines" Greek Secretary Research and Technology


15. 2004-2007 PYTHAGORAS-II: "Techniques for Management, Organization and Delivery of Multimedia Content" Greek Ministry of Education


16. 2004-2007 PYTHAGORAS-II: "Grid Computing" Greek Ministry of Education


17. 2008-2009 "Intelligent Multimedia Content Mining" Technical University of Crete


18. 2007 "Survey on Technical Universities Studies"  Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policies