George Panopoulos

Ph.D. Candidate

9, Heroon Polytechniou  St.
Zographos GR-157 80, Greece
Tel. (+30+1) 7722642
Fax. (+30+1) 7722734

Research Interests
Multiple Representations, Conceptual Modeling of Spatial Databases, Standardization Schemes, Spatio-Temporal Modeling, Cadastral Applications


  • Dipl. Engineering: Department of Rural and Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, October 1996, with the degree of 8.32 in 10.
    Diploma Thesis in Digital Cartography, with the title "Multiple Representations based on a Single DataBase"
  • Speaks fluent English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)
  • Knows moderate German (Goethe Institut Zertifikat “Deutsch als Fremdsprache”)
  • Extensive knowledge on Computers (in the field of Programming, Spreadsheets, Word processing, CAD design, Geographic Information System Applications, Desktop Publishing)


  • A Data Dictionary Supporting Multi-Scale Cartographic Production from a Single Database”, (co-author M. Kavouras), proceedings of the 18th ICA International Cartographic Conference, 23-27 June 1997 Stockholm.
  • Interoperability and the Definition of a National Standard”, proceedings of GIS PlaNET’98 International Conference on Geogrpahic Information, September 1998, Lisbon.
  • Spatio-Temporal Formalization: Incorporating the Concept of Change in Cartographic Modeling”, (co-author M. Kavouras), proceedings of the 19th ICA International Cartographic Conference, 14-21 August 1999, Ottawa.

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