Diploma Thesis

Of special interest is the research being done by students who work for their Diploma Thesis in the field of Cartography and GIS. A list with the most recent projects carried out is the following: 

  • Design of a National Atlas of Greece using GIS technology. 

  •           Part 1. Atlas of the Physical Environment. 
              Part 2. The Demographic Atlas. 
              Part 3. The Industrial Atlas. 
  • Design of special purpose atlases. 

  •           The Atlas of Zagorohoria 
              The Atlas of Pilio. 
              A Digital Geographical Atlas of Ionian Islands. 
  • Design of digital tourist maps for the islands of Scopelos and Kos. 
  • Design of a tourist map for the island of Ios.
  • Design of tourist symbols. 
  • Software development for the creation of electronic atlases. 
  • Cartographic generalization of point and area symbols. 
  • Digital techniques for hill shading. 
  • Algorithms for the determination of optimal paths in linear networks. 
  • Digital image processing for cartographic applications (R to V conversion). 
  • Road network management using GIS technology. 
  • Algorithm for computing equidistant lines. 
  • A Data Dictionary supporting Multi-Scale Cartographic Production from a single Database
  • Semantic Integration of Geospatial Classification Schemata
  • The ELIA Collection of Historical Maps - A Digital Approach

..more to be added soon..

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