FAUCCAL (Fully Automatic Camera Calibration)
Last updated 01/02/2010

This is an open source software, implemented in Matlab, for camera calibration. Using as input a number of images of a regular chess-board, the algorithm performs a fully automatic camera calibration procedure of digital cameras by bundle adjustment. No user interaction is required. This site provides the source code, a detailed documentation text including instructions and tips, as well as an image dataset with results for experimentation. Suggestions and comments are most welcome.

(implemented by Valsamis Douskos)

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Douskos V., Grammatikopoulos L., Kalisperakis I., Karras G., Petsa E., 2009. FAUCCAL: an open source toolbox for fully automatic camera calibration. XXII CIPA Symposium on Digital Documentation, Interpretation & Presentation of Cultural Heritage, October 11-15, Kyoto, Japan.