It deals with educational and administrative matters.
    Deputy Secretary:
Th. Kremizi
    Undergraduate Studies Office:
A. Fotou-Aloupi, F. Poulou-Rikaniadou, L. Patsiamani,
    K. Venoutsou, L. Leontopoulou, I. Mouzaki, E. Sidiropoulou
    Postgraduate Studies Office:
    M. Konstantinidou (Head of the Office), M. Bezerianou, E. Paliatsou, K. Vamvoukakis
    Technical Support: I. Brailas
    Operation and Development Office:
    S. M. Katsiotis, Architect (Head of the Office),
O. Papapostolou, K. Tziganis, K. Tsirba
E-mail address:

The School's Geodetic Library is situated on the first floor of Lambadarios building. It is one of the NTUA's first specialist libraries.
    Scientific Supervisors: M. Doufexopoulou, M. Tsakiri

Geoinformatics Center & Personal Computing Laboratory (PC Lab)
This Centre was established to support research activity, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, by students and staff dealing with collection, processing and interpretation of geographic information. The Center is open every day, 9.00 to 20.00 hrs.
    Scientific Supervisor : L. Tsoulos
    Administrators: Ch. Vouloutakis, I. Ouranos, K. Athanasopoulos, T. Koursaris

Printing and Photocopying Unit
Supervisor: V. Kostorrizos

The address of the Faculty is:
N.T.U.A., Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering - 9 Iroon Polytechneiou Str. - 157 80, Zographos