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Educational Software produced by our Laboratory

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Stress Transform
"Stress Transform" is a Windows Application for the calculation of principal stress in 3D space, graphical representation of stress and stress calculations on the plane of a joint.
Stress Transform Web Page
"Mohr" is a Windows Application to plot Mohr cicles allowing stress transformations in 2D.
Mohr Web Page
"Rockfall" is a Windows Application for the kinematic simulation of rockfalls. A plane cross section of a ridge is considered.
Rockfall Web Page
Stereographic projection
"Stereographic projection" is a Windows Application for the drawing of Rock Joint planes by using the stereographic projection.
Stereographic projection Web Page
Web pages with educational context and some web applications.
RockFall for MS-DOS
An older rockfall application.
Download Rockfall DOS
StressAddition, Kirsch Excel files
Two Excel Spreadsheets: 1. to make stress additions in plane 2. to calculate stress and displacement around a circular hole.
Download StressAddition,
Download Kirsch
Mohr Coulomb Parameters Excel file
An Excel Spreadsheet to calculate Mohr-Coulomb Parameters (phi, c) by Least Square Method.
Download Mohr Coulomb Parameters
Layered Tunnel Excel File
An Excel Spreadsheet to calculate roof and wall stress of a elliptical tunnel, drived in a anisotropic medium.
Download Layered Tunnel
Classification of Soils - Grain Size graph Excel Files
An Excel Spreadsheet to classify a soil sample by ASTM regulations, an Excel Spreadsheet to plot the grain size graph.
Download Classification of Soils, Download GrainSizeGraph
Hemispherical Matlab Application
A Matlab Application to plot hemispherical projections of planes (such as rock joints).
Download Matlab Application (*.m),
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